Which Social Media Platforms Are Best For Your Business?


Social media is a crucial part of maximizing your businesses online presence, engagement, and awareness. Figuring out which platforms best fit your business can be tricky but is also essential to making the most out of your social media business experience.

Let me first state that all businesses are different and it’s not a “one size fits all” world in social media. The target audiences, goals, company tone, locations, and company values all have an impact on which social platforms will work best for your business. The ultimate goals of social media are to reach new audiences, have an online presence and create an online community that your customers/clients feel is reliable; having the correct social media platforms best fit for your business can help achieve this.

Below are some social media platforms that can help benefit your business if used in the correct way. (As said before- all businesses are different and may require a more personalized social media analyzation. The list below is just typical uses for specific platforms.)


Facebook is generally the most often used social media platform because it is easy and popular in all categories. Facebook is a platform that is good for all businesses to have because of its possible reach and popularity of the platform itself. Content posted on Facebook could be anything from informative information to fun facts about your industry. Many companies think it is fine to only have Facebook be their only social media platform and this can hurt the online presence if not used correctly. Online presence is about having a well-known presence on a variety of platforms ( that’s the key here – variety.) So while Facebook is a great platform for all industries, the key to a good social media presence is having multiple different social platforms.

Who should use it: Everyone (The Next Web)

What to share: All types of online content, events, ads (The Next Web)



Twitter is another social platform that is very popular and especially great for sharing content. The key to using this platform correctly is by posting relevant content to a targeted audience. Every business should use Twitter – whether your business is a large corporation or a small local shop. Twitter is a prime platform for engagement and can be used to your businesses advantage. Hashtags originated on Twitter and can also be used to bring more awareness to your brand and to stay updated on certain topics.

Who should use it: Everyone (The Next Web)

What to share: Start, join and lead conversations; interact with brands and customers (The Next Web)



Instagram is such a popular platform because it is all about visuals. Here are a few stats about visual content (hence why Instagram is so popular):

• People are 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a product video. (Instagram supports video as well but only up to 15 seconds.) (Inc.com)

• Posts that include images produce 650% higher engagement than regular text posts (Inc.com)

• 70% of users log into Instagram at least once a day (Inc.com)

Certain businesses should use this platform to post visually engaging photos or videos to a target audience. Large corporations are usually advised to use a more professional platform (such as Linked In) because Instagram is typically a more casual platform.

Who should use it: Lifestyle, food, fashion, personalities and luxury brands (The Next Web)

What to share: Visual content, including short videos (less than 15 seconds) (The Next Web)


Linked In

Linked In is best used for businesses and is a great professional social networking site. Posts on Linked In can range anywhere from blog articles to company updates. Linked In is also great for businesses wanting to post job postings. The reach on this site is a professional audience and people wanting to connect and network which can be so helpful for your business.

Who should use it: Businesses (especially B2B service providers), Recruiters and Job-Seekers (The Next Web)

What to share: Job postings, company descriptions, employee/employee research (The Next Web)


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