Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media

The digital market is growing rapidly and by utilizing a good online presence with social media you can not only help your business, but also stay up to date with the current trends and online updates. We put together a list of questions we frequently get asked regarding social media and compiled it all together to make this post an easy FAQ for all things social media!


How do I spread my post content further than just my followers?

To have an effective reach on a post, you’re going to have to put some effort into it! That being sharing, liking and reposting on your personal social media profiles and asking high influencers to repost your content as well. Using hashtags on Twitter and Instagram is also a great way for users to search for specific topics and words.

How do I get someone with a high influence rating repost my content?

Sometimes all you can do is ask. Ask all the social influencers you know! After all, the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the oil.

How do I get customers involved and engaged?

Getting people to interact socially with your brand is very important. You can do this by asking questions, sharing behind-the-scenes or “sneak peaks” at upcoming things, running contests or even hosting a chat via social media.

How do I get more retweets on Twitter?

You may have heard before that visual content is the most important and it’s true! Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without. (
















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Can I get sales through social media?

Absolutely; but that is not the primary reason for having social media. Having an online presence is important and can also help with users wanting to make a purchase. Social media can influence buying behavior. According to a poll: “68% of 18-34 year old social media users were at least somewhat likely to make a purchase after seeing a friends post. (

 Are visuals really that important?

Yes. Here are some stats from various sources outline the importance of visuals in your social media posts:

• Researchers found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. (

• 46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies. (

Should I advertise on Facebook?

Many businesses think they can’t afford to advertise on Facebook, but even when working with a small budget, you can still reach more people than without advertising. The cool thing about Facebook advertising is that you get to choose how much you want to spend – whether it’s just $1 a day or just $50 flat. You can also choose objectives such as more website visits, page likes and etc.

Is social media worth the investment?

The simplest way to put it is yes. Social media can do so much for a brand especially by having the word-of-mouth appeal. Everyone is going digital, and by having a good social media presence and engaging content you can have your brand stand out from the rest.



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 Written By: Brittany Ewart





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