Photography: Capturing the Angles

Good photography and imagery is essential in being able to promote your business and brand. Taking pictures is easy; anyone can do it. But being able to capture things at different perspectives and angles will make you stand out above the crowd. This article talks about how to capture the different perspectives and angles when taking pictures; it can be a huge improvement to your online presence and overall brand awareness.

DSC_0310Ok, so say we have something we want to capture in a photograph. For this example we will use a building. This is our office building for Pixel Clear Designs and from this first picture it looks just like a normal building, straight on and simple.


How can this picture be improved? While it is a good picture that captures all of the elements needed, there could still be some other creative shots incorporated to showcase the building better. So here is another picture of the building but looking at it from an upward angle. This is one of my favorite pictures because of the creativity and the visually pleasing lines and angles along the building.


What are some other angles that can capture this building in a different way. Here is another picture looking up but this time it is taken from the perspective of being on the ground, and it works. The 2 buildings, tree and light post add new visual elements. (This picture we took is actually featured on FortWorth.Com! See it here)



Another important aspect in photography angles is the rule of thirds. Basically this is placing your subject off center and therefore creating a visually stimulating image for your eyes. (Because some pictures are boring if they’re always in the center, right?) This is another picture, same building as featured in images above, but this one features an angle from the side and also is using the rule of thirds.


The last thing we need to talk about it lighting. This is one of the most important aspects in photography. If your lighting isnt just right, it can throw off the whole picture. Here is an example of a picture that has combines good lighting and creativity. The reflection on the side of the building adds more light into the picture while also viewing from an interesting and creative perspective.

So summing it all up, here are the things you need to remember about using angles in photography:

1. Get creative

-Think of a way to capture something in a way that no one else has before. Having this mindset will be really helpful in coming up with new and unique ideas for a picture.

2. Perspective

-Using different perspectives when shooting pictures is crucial to getting those interesting pictures that no one else has gotten before (as mentioned above). Think about downward, upward and side angles when looking at something you want to capture in a picture.

3. Rule of Thirds

-Capturing an image in 1/3 of your picture window is the best way to create interesting angles. (More on the rule of thirds here.)

4. Lighting

-Having good lighting in photography is very important especially when bringing out the best version of your creative angles.

Written By: Brittany Ewart



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