WordPress SEO Service


It’s important when building a new website that you’re working with search engines – instead of against them.


Mobile-Friendly Design

Did you know that Google rewards websites that are mobile-friendly? It’s true. Back in 2015 Google came out with a new search algorithm that many called Mobilegeddon. This update added an additional parameter that Google would consider when ordering search results on mobile devices.

At Pixel Clear, Mobile-Friendly Design (or responsive design as it’s technically known) is simply part of every website that we build. Your website will look and function great on mobile, tablet and desktop computers.

WordPress Development

About 5 years ago, we decided to specialize exclusively with the WordPress platform. Not only did this mean that we would become experts with the number #1 content management system on the planet, but it was also a huge win for search engine optimization as WordPress is known for being very search engine friendly.

Additionally, because WordPress is so popular, very reputable companies like Yoast have created high-quality plugins to help you win with your SEO efforts.

Technical WordPress SEO Services

As we design, build and relaunch your new website, we’ll also perform the following tasks for on-site search engine optimization. Looking for additional important SEO principles? We’ve written a short guide to help you with your efforts.

Site Map
Install and configure a sitemap.xml.

Google Analytics
Install and configure Google Analytics plugin.

SEO Plugin
Install and configure Yoast SEO or SEO plugin of your choice.

301 Redirects
Create and test 301 redirects to ensure continuity between your old and new website.

Image Compression
Install and configure image compression plugin.

SSL certificate
Enable HTTPS for your website. Google has indicated website security as a ranking factor.

Install and configure caching plugin. Google rewards faster websites.

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