Social Media And Its Unprecedented Power

The power of social media marketing now-a-days is more important than ever before. In just a few short years the social media marketing era has skyrocketed and pushing the businesses that keep on trend with it at the top. So why is social media so important now? What is its unprecedented power?

Customer Interaction

One of the most important things in establishing your social media presence online is customer interaction. The goal isnt always to aim for viral content, it’s to get your customers to interact with your brand and company/product. Social media helps immensely with this because of the popularity of these social media sites/apps.


•47% of all Internet users are on Facebook

•Nearly 75% of Facebook’s revenue comes from mobile advertising

•Direct uploads of user videos to Facebook now exceed YouTube

•Twitter has 284 million active users at last count

•88% of Twitter users are on mobile

•Instagram has 300 million users

•70 million photos and videos are sent daily

•53% of internet users aged 18-29 use Instagram

(stats from

Targeting Your Audience

Even though there are nearly 2.1 billion people in the world that have social media, the most important thing for your brand is targeting your audience. Facebook has a really great way to specifically target your audience you are wanting your brand to reach through online advertising. Facebook also lets you host contests, giveaways and discounts for your company, check out some ideas here:

Increasing Website Traffic

Believe it or not, social media helps greatly with increasing traffic to your company’s website. Just imaging: you’re scrolling through a social media site (like Facebook or Twitter) and come across this really cool brand that stands out to you. You click on the link (always provide links on posts as must as possible!) and are taken to the company’s website where it pulls you in even more. You then are so impressed that you start telling your friends in person and via social media which then brings even more website traffic and even more brand recognition.

Informational & Increased Inbound Traffic

Social media is also important for a brand because it is another way for customers to get information about your brand. It is also very important to have an online presence because think about what if you didn’t have social media. There is traditional advertising, yes, but when it comes down to it people will have to search for whatever your company/product is and hope to stumble upon yours and now-a-days it’s just so much easier to advertise and promote yourselves through social media.

Overall Success

Overall, brands are going to get way more exposure, customer interaction and online presence through social media. So if you’re debating whether or not to get social media for your company: do it. You and your company will notice the difference.

Written By: Brittany Ewart

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