Creativity: Through the Eyes of a Designer

What is creativity? Where does it come from? How can designers use it to their best ability? Creatives and designers have been trying to figure out these very questions for years and everyone has their own unique was of finding their inspiration and turning using it through the creative process. This article will focus directly on creativity but through the eyes of a designer.

First we need to define creativity:


creative (cre•a•tive)


1. Having the ability or power to create: Human beings are creative animals.

2. Productive; creating.

3. Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative: creative writing.

In my experience of being creative, it can be a long and sometimes difficult process. Yes, having ideas is one thing but being able to use those ideas in order to actually execute something is a whole other ballgame. The creativity process I have used as a designer is broken down into 4 steps: Inspiration, Education, Execution and Reflection.

1. Inspiration

Inspiration is the first step in the creativity process and is often the most important. A designer needs to be inspired in order to create something wonderful and here are some of the ways I get inspiration and prepare before beginning something creative:

•Browsing Online 

Sometimes just googling and getting inspiration from online can help when you feel like the creativity just isnt coming to you. BehanceDribble and Pinterest are great sources for inspiration and amazing artwork.

•Taking a Break

Getting away from the normal routine of things can do great things! Sometimes just taking a short 5 minute break can help get the creative juices flowing. Maybe go get a cup of coffee?


Coffee always helps; Enough said.


2. Education

In order to make a creative project be the best it can be, some research is going to be required. Researching similar brands, companies and styles your client likes can help you get a better feel along the lines of what you will be designing. Here are a few websites that help with the research process:


It seems original but Google is a very popular and great way to search for information to educate you on your creative project. Google away!


While pinterest is a great resource for inspiration as well as research and education about a subject. There are so many different references and ideas that can help with the education process.

shutterstock_256982356 (1)

3. Execution

The third step in the creativity process is executing the idea. Some things that have helped me during this process are as follows:

•Take Breaks

For me especially, designing and the whole creative process can be sometimes stressful. I find that the best way to help push through the rough times is to take breaks. It could be a 5 minute break to focus on something else and refresh your brain or take a 10 minute break and go grab some coffee or a snack.

•Listen to music

Music is very important to me when designing; it helps set the mood and keep me calm and collected. Spotify and Pandora are my go-to’s for the best work music.


Working for a long amount of time without eating is just asking for bad design. Make sure you eat often and keep refueling as you go! No one wants a hangry designer.


4. Reflection

This last step in the creativity process is to look back and reflect on the work. Think about where you started and how you got where you are now. Sometimes looking back and thinking of the process can help you later on work out the tweaks for next time. Say you had a hard time in the execution phase, going back and analyzing why you his a roadblock can be helpful for future creative projects.

All in all, the creativity process is different for everyone. Every designer does things differently, it’s just part of individualizing ourselves in the creative world. These are just a few things that help my design process go a lot smoother and hopefully it will help you too!

Happy Designing!


Written By: Brittany Ewart



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