Twitter: Why It’s Important

Twitter has become one of the most crucial things needed for a good online presence for your brand. There is an average of 500 million tweets sent each day and 316 million monthly active users. Being able to use Twitter effectively and correctly can be such a great aspect to your company and brand.


• Twitter has 80% of active users on mobile    (Twitter)

• The average time per month spent by users on Twitter is 170 minutes    (Rocket Post)

• If Twitter were a country, it’d be the 12th largest in the world    (Rocket Post)

• The average number of followers per user is 208 (Digital Information World)



Social media is all about visuals and this is especially important on Twitter. When scrolling through the news feed, tweets with images will get 18% more click throughs, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. (Jeff Bullas)

While visuals may be helpful in getting more click throughs and favorites, they can also be informational as well. Infographics can be another way to catch your audience’s eye and can also be great for showing statistics and information about you and your brand.


Mobile Engagement

Twitter is used via a mobile phone about 80% of the time. Here are some mobile stats for Twitter that you can be aware of to help with being able to promote yourself in the best way possible.

• About 63 percent of Twitter users regard their smartphones as their primary tweeting device    (Digital Information World)

• There are more than 285 million active Twitter users monthly, 80 percent of which are using mobile devices to tweet     (Twitter)

• 80% of millennial Twitter users access it on a mobile device (DMR)

•Users spend 86% of time on the mobile app (DMR)

Mobile advertising also goes hand in hand with mobile posting and engagement. 25% of Twitter advertising budgets are dedicated to mobile. ( DMR) This is important to focus on as a company because a majority of  users are looking at it on a mobile device; more views, the more you’ll get out of your advertising.




Not only is digital photography convenient, it’s also easy. Even people who aren’t professional photographers can take some great pictures with their smartphones and edit them on there as well.

• About 34% of marketers are able to successfully generate leads through Twitter     (Digital Information World)

• Twitter advertising is 6x more expensive compared to Facebook advertising, but the click-through rate (CTR) of ads is 8 to 24x higher   (Digital Information World)

• Promoted tweets boost offline sales by 29 percent    (Digital Information World)

• 88% of total advertisers purchased something from a Promoted Tweet    (DMR)

Because of the large majority of  users on mobile, by using your marketing and advertising to appeal to that audience will most likely get the best revenue for your business.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.24.54 AM


(image: Twitter)


Cost Effective

In addition to being great for promoting and appealing to a wide variety of audiences, Twitter is free! Businesses need to take advantage of the amazing opportunity that is Twitter, and use it to its full extent to be able to promote their brand fast and effectively.

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