It All Starts With the First Impression: Logos

Having a good logo is a very important part of having success in your marketing, sales and company. A good logo can help attract new customers and also make your brand stand out from the others. Here are a few things that are important when deciding on/designing/redesigning a logo for your brand:

Professional and Simple

Having a logo that looks professional is essential. When people see a logo that looks poorly made, it turns them away. Simplicity is also key to a successful first impression. Some iconic brands like Starbucks or Nike have become so well known that they took away the names from their logos and just left their symbols. Being easily recognizable is important, but that happens over time.


Having simple colors in a logo is a good way to also help keep things simple. You have to stop and think what will your logos be used on whether it be: screens, business cards, letterheads, vehicles, billboards, packaging etc. Having too many colors in a logo is chaotic and often makes it difficult when printing. Sticking to 3 or less colors for a logo usually does the trick.

Make it Memorable

The main way to make your logo stand out in a crowd is to make it memorable. Ways to do this can be through color combination, typography and symbols while keeping it simple.

Consistent and Versatile

An effective logo should be used consistently throughout all print and marketing materials. Too many variations of a logo can become confusing to consumers, so keeping it consistent throughout the variety of mediums and applications. Versatility should be important. Before deciding on a logo, think on what all this logo will go on. If it is too complex to work on some platforms, then maybe it’s time to rethink the logo and opt for something more simple.

Brand Identity

A logo that falls into the looks and feel of your brand identity is important. Let’s say you had a brand identity hat was very modern and geometric and you put a logo in that is loose and organic it probably isnt going to be the best move for your company. The look of the branding must be reflected through the logo as well as the same type. The fonts of the branding and logo must be the same or very similar; there’s nothing that is worse than seeing 2 fonts that are incorrectly paired together, it just looks unprofessional through a design standpoint.

Appealing to Your Demographic

As well as being a part of your brand identity, your company logo should also appeal to your demographic. If you’re trying to reach a professional audience and have a logo that is bright and has kid writing that probably not the best choice. You wouldn’t sell a product that you aren’t proud of, so make sure your logo is of the best quality and appeals to the right audience.

These are just some things to think of when beginning the logo process for your company. Just remember: the logo is one of the most important, memorable things about a company and having a good one can be successful in the long run.


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Written by: Brittany Ewart




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