How to Set Your Business Apart


Most businesses try to be the best at what they do, and some are. But what sets you apart from the crowd is how you distinguish yourself as something different than what everyone else has. There are 5 things that can help set your business apart, while they might seem obvious, and become one of a kind in your industry.

1. Quality of Products/Service

If you want to be the best out there, you have to offer the best products/services. Quality over quantity is always something good to remember. While that being said, all good things take time, and being able to have a good balance of both of those will benefit your business tremendously.

 2. Good Customer Service

Having good customer service is so important; it is one of the distinguishing things people look for when ranking companies. Just one bad experience in customer service can send the clients far away. By having good customer service all the time, you build up a good presence and all in all will make your customers happier.

3. An Established Online Presence

Let’s face it, social media is so important especially nowadays in the business world. Having an established online presence is crucial for setting your business apart. Posting on social media once a week isn’t going to cut it for someone who wants to stand out. By engaging with customers and clients, replying to comments and giving people the help they need (AKA good customer service as stated in #2.)


4. Good Structure

Companies like Google and Facebook have mastered how it is to operate with structure and it is essential for your company as well. Having strong leaders as well as a business/project/product development process will overall secure your company’s business and keep it organized.

5. Focus

Focusing on competitors or the economy is the way that your company can get distracted; focusing on growing your company is crucial to standing out in the crowd.


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I agree with this post and especially the fact that you have listed customer service as one of the major qualities that can set your business apart from others. It is so true and consider the fact that when you buy a product from a store and there is an issue. When you go back to the store and you are greeted with a grouchy employee who doesn’t want to be at work and says, “Well I don’t know if I can help you with this.” versus you getting an employee that greets you with a smile and says “I’d be more than happy to help you.”

Now tell me if each one of those employees worked at a different store, which store would you rather shop at? That’s a no-brainer. We have been selling furniture for over 30 years now and we believe customer service sets us apart.

I found this article in Google and it was short, but a good read. Thanks for your column.

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