5 Rules for Choosing a Business Name and Your Logo Design

 5 Rules for Choosing a Business Name and Your Logo Design

When it comes to entrepreneurship, many people fall short on their idea by ignoring something seemingly unimportant but in actuality may play a vital role later on. Naming your business and getting a logo designed are two of those things. Your company name and logo design deserve a lot of attention and thought put into them. They are the first things that potential customers see when they come in contact with your brand. A catchy and impactful business name accompanied by a well-designed and modern logo could create wonders for the brand image of your startup.

Keep on reading as we discuss the five rules for naming your company and also 5 (x2) rules of logo design that will give your company that extra edge in the competitive business landscape of today and help your company stand out from the crowd.

5 Rules for Choosing a Name for Your Brand

  1. Something unique and hard to forget
    You want the name of your company to be memorable and something that has some flair and unique. Anyone can come up with a name relating it to the type of business they are in. But having a name that is hard to forget and catchy is the harder thing to do.
  2. Easy to pronounce
    Names should be easy to pronounce and remember. You do not want the name of your company to be too difficult to pronounce or something too abstract. That way you harm the recognizability of your brand.
  3. A hint goes a long way
    When naming your business, if you are able to give a hint about what the brand does, it will create a sense of association for the consumer. It makes it easier for the consumer to understand what it is that your company does instead of having to look it up.
  4. Do not limit your future expandability
    Try not to name your business that would be restrictive for expanding in the future. You would ideally want the name to be transferable into new product categories and even geographically.
  5. Avoid weird spellings
    Unusual spellings just make it harder for the customer to remember your brand and that is the last thing you want to do. Coming up with a successful brand name means that you make it as easy for your customer to recognize and remember, so weird spelling can sometimes confuse and put them off. Therefore avoid at all cost.

5 Rules for Logo Design

  1. Related to your business
    The logo design that you get for your brand should reflect your business and also be original and creative. The symbol should be designed in a way that the moment someone sees your logo they can associate your business with it.
  2. Scalability and size
    Your logo should look good and be understandable at all sizes. If your logo becomes hard to read or it loses some of the subtle details when scaled down for web design or app, then it is a huge no-no.
  3. Timeless Design
    We hope that you plan to keep your business operating for a long time. It is essential that your logo then holds up to the test of time. Checking up on current logo trends is fine, but make sure you do not box yourself in too much because trends always change.
  4. A Sense of Balance
    The overall aesthetic of your logo should be balanced. What it essentially means is that one element of the logo should not overpower the other. The colors used should all complement each other; the font size and style should all fit perfectly with the overall brand image.
  5. Keep it Simple
    At the end of the day, you want your logo to be simple and easy to understand. Over complicating things will just drive your customer away and make it hard for you to grab their attention. There is beauty in simplicity and it makes the logo look much better. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way creating your very own successful business.

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