How Digital Photography Has Changed The Way We Take Pictures

We live in a world driven by technology. The days of waiting for film to develop are long gone and everybody seems to be okay with that. The convenience of taking a picture is at our very fingertips with our smartphones and has completely changed the way we take pictures.

How Did Digital Photography First Begin?

One question a lot of people probably wonder is how did digital photography first begin? The first digital camera was built in 1975 by Steve Sasson who was an engineer and worked for Kodak. He created a camera that weighed about 8 pounds and took about 23 seconds to record images.

What a change the past 40 years have made in the world of digital photography.

The Convenience

One of the most appealing things about digital photography is of course the convenience. Being able to see a picture seconds after we take it is much easier than waiting hours or even days to develop film and wait to see how the picture even turns out.

Smartphones are being used even more now-a-days for photography and has become so popular because of the convenience. When seeing something worth taking a picture of you can just pull out your cell phone, snap a quick picture, and be on your way. Some smartphones even rival the typical point and shoot camera because of the megapixels they are able to capture. Why even have a camera when you have a smartphone right in your pocket?

“I Was There”

The whole ideas behind taking pictures have changed radically in the past 5-10 years. Instead of just taking a picture of something because we like it, photography (especially from our smartphones) is used a lot to prove we were at a certain place. Apps like Instagram where you can upload an image and geo-tag it to where you are has almost become a bragging medium or to show off all the great things you have been doing. Hence developed the term, “pics or it didn’t happen.”

It’s Easy

Not only is digital photography convenient, it’s also easy. Even people who aren’t professional photographers can take some great pictures with their smartphones and edit them on there as well.

Cost Effective

In addition to being much more convenient that film photography, it also is very cost effective. The days of developing your film yourself are long gone and this has saved us as a culture a lot of time and money because of it. This can be a good and a bad thing. It’s good because it is simple to edit a picture, whereas back in the day there was no editing a film picture once it was printed out. The bad is that through all this simplicity of digital photograph editing, we lose that raw-ness of taking a picture and developing it ourselves instead of having the camera do that for us.

Digital Photography in the Future

Digital photography is continually evolving more and more each day. In the future we could even have something smaller than a phone to be able to take digital pictures. (eye cameras or Google Glass anyone?) But as the digital technology age rages on we should always remember one thing: though capturing a moment can be a great way to relive a memory, don’t forget to enjoy those moments and not always be behind a camera.

Written by: Brittany Ewart


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